London Tube Walking Project..
Walking between all the stations of all the London Underground tube lines...

The first person to walk between all the stations on the London Underground, and also the first person to walk the lengths of all the tube lines from end to end was Neil Johan.
He was closely followed by Mark Moxon and both have made superb web sites which are full of maps and photographs.

What is tube walking?

Tube walking is walking from one tube station to another, that are linked by a tube line. In London this takes you through a huge variety of areas from countryside to the west end and east end. A quick look at the web sites should be enough to convince you of the enjoyment of these walks.


Neil Johan's web site is

Mark Moxon's web site is

Walking Group.

London Tubewalkers are a group of people who are walking between all the stations, however instead of doing it on a line-by-line basis, they are doing it alphabetically. They are going at a very leisurely pace and you can join them on their walks.

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