A walk round the city ..

Our walk takes us to Nottingham Castle, Robin Hoods Statue, the famous Trip to Jerusalem pub, Nottingham Park Estate, The old Market, shopping areas and the Lace Market area. The walk includes some steep hills and takes about an hour and a half.
Start from Nottingham Castle (museum) and walk down Castle Road to pass the Robin Hood statue on your right and then the Trip to Jerusalem pub. Carry on to the end of the road and turn right into Castle Boulevard, and then take the right fork onto Peveril Drive - following the base of Castle Rock.
Walk up Peveril Drive and continue straight across the roundabout to walk up Park Drive, a steep hill. When you reach Newcastle Circus walk aroundit anti-clockwise. Turn right onto Duke William Mount and walk to the end.
Walk round or through Lincoln Circus garden to North Road (second turning on the right).
Walk along North Road crossing Clumber Crescent North and Cavendish Crescent and then turn right into Tattershall Drive, keeping right when the road forks. Walk past the tennis courts and bowling greens on the left. Cross Clare Valley, take the left fork and continue down Tattershal Drive. At the roundabout, turn left into Lenton road and continue up the hill to the gates. Turn right on to Castle Road and then turn left down the wide paved ares to Maid Marians way. Cross over into Castle Gate.

Turn left into St Nicholas Street passing the Royal Children pub. Continue into Spaniel Row and then turn right into Friar Lane and walk to the Old Market Square. Bear left into Beastmarket and walk on to then turn right into Long Row. Bear left into Market Street. At the junction turn right into Upper Parliament Street and follow the road round to the left and then turn right into Forman Street. Continue on through Trinity Square to Milton Street. Turn right into Milton Street . Walk to the next junction and cross over into Clumber Street.

Continue down Clumber street, crossing Pelham Street into High Street and continue to turn left into S Parade. Turn right into Bridlesmiths Lane and then look out for a left turn into Bottle Lane. Folow Bottle Lane until it reaches Warser Gate and carry on in the same direction. Turn right into St Mary's Gate and continue walking to turn left into Broadway. At the juction turn left into Stoney Street and walk on until you rech and turn into Barker Gate on your right. At the next junction turn right into Bellar Gate. Next take the second right down Hollow Stone, soon to bear left and continue in the same direction in High Pavement. Eventually you will cross the main road into Middle Pavement and then into Low Pavement. Low Pavement eventually becomes Castle Gate and so back to the start of the walk.

Robin Hood's StatueRobin Hood's Statue

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