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This is a Web app designed to let you track the precise distance of your workouts, and track and log your activity. It started life as a little hack that uses Google's superb mapping application to help record distances traveled during a running or walking workout, and has grown since then.
As a runner training for a marathon for the first time, I found myself wishing I had an easy way to know the exact distance a certain course is, without having to drag a GPS or pedometer around on my runs. Looking at Google Maps, and knowing there was a vibrant community of geeks hacking it, I knew there had to be a way. So here it is. I placed the a link to my Web app on a couple of running message boards, and the rest was history.
  I proceeded to add features designed to scratch all the personal itches I felt over the years. Features have included: an Openstreetmap overlay, the ability to follow roads as you create routes, create an elevation graph, and log and chart your workouts. The site continues to be under active (if not always rapid!) development.

Visit the site

You will first see a map of the world. Zoom in to your country using your mouse wheel or the + & - controls at the bottom rt of the map.
Now click on the START ROUTE button and double click your start point on the map. With your start point now shown on the map you can add further points to map your route. They will be automatically joined to follow the road. Name your route and save it before you print it. You will find your map on the URL given and you can share this URL. You can publish the route on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Delete the print box and you can right click the image to save it as an image file for your future use.