The Long Walk
The Long Walk, Windsor ..
A short walk from Windsor castle

Start from Park Street in Windsor. Postcode SL4 1LB. Directions to the Walk

The straight path that links Windsor Castle with Snow Hill in Windsor Great Park is known as The Long Walk. From the Castle gate to the foot of the statue of King George III (The Copper Horse) The long walk measures 2.64 miles in length.

The walk begins at the George IV Gateway at Windsor Castle. The Copper Horse is a statue of George III on horseback which was commissioned by his son, George IV. The statue, it is said, is intended to represent George III as an emperor in the Roman tradition riding without stirrups, along the lines of the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius. However other myths about the lack of stirrups are told also, such as the artist having died before competing the statue, leaving just the stirrups unfinished.

The statue, commissioned by George IV, bears an ironic inscription: the best of fathers in Latin. Like so many father-son relationships in the Hanoverian family, George III and George IV were known to have despised one another.

The Long Walk is still used by the royal carriages every year as part of the route from Windsor Castle to the Ascot Races.

The Two Brewers pub is in Park Street and this amazing old pub is a must visit.

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